Sobre nós!

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Glad you are here, I’m Vera! Owner, Creator and the Mum of Carolina!

I’ve always loved to be creative and crafty in my spare time. When my husband and I welcomed our little Carolina into the world, in June 2017, I decided to do all her everyday accessories and decided to share the same love and dedication to other mums and babies.  Since 2012 I used to work only in my main project Bholsa®

When I started to do the accessories to welcome Carolina, I have created Dona Nuvem® then she started to use my flower crowns and that turned to be a new project. As I wanted to separate fabric and felt, I have called this project Carolinda.

Dona Nuvem® stands for Ms. Cloud and Carolin(D)a is a tricky way to say my daughter’s name and call her Beauty.

I’m so thrilled by everyone’s support! And I hope to make all these beautiful, high quality accessories that you and your children adore for years to come!

Dona Nuvem® & Carolinda
Vera and Carolina